Consumer Watch: Adjusting to working from home

If you've suddenly found yourself working from home, you are likely encountering a few new challenges.

The first problem is the number of distractions.

"If you're working from home and you're not alone, you might want to try a pair of noise-canceling headphones," says Consumer Reports Tech Editor Bree Fowler,

The Monoprice headphones are noise-canceling with a built-in microphone for phone calls and videoconferences. They'll cost you about $50.

Your second problem is that your printer isn't used to the sudden increase in use.

"If you're already thinking about getting a new printer, now may be the time," Fowler said.

If you print mostly text, there's an all-in-one black-and-white laser printer for about 170-dollars.

Consumer reports says the toner should cost only about $44 a year.

If you need to print in color, consider the Inkjet all-in-one for around $250.

It's a bit expensive upfront, but CR estimates you'll only spend about $6 a year on ink for its refillable tanks.

The final problem is too many people sharing too little bandwidth.

"If your house is suddenly full and everybody needs fast, reliable wifi, it may be time for a router upgrade," says Consumer Reports Tech Editor Nicholas DeLeon.
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