Indulge your senses at Yuki's Bakery with this savory Nutella Babka

HOBOKEN, New Jersey -- At Yuki's Bakery, the scent of freshly baked babkas, a traditional Jewish dessert, is luring customers into this newly opened bakery.

"The meaning of Babka in Polish or Russian is grandma. Some bakeries will do it based on lemonade dough, which is similar to the croissant, or regular yeast dough which is what we're doing," said Yuki Levinson, owner of Yuki's Bakery.

Yuki's signature babkas, which come in Nutella, cinnamon, pistachio, and dark chocolate flavors, are a common fixture at the dessert table of Jewish celebrations.

Levinson, who was born in Israel, has always had a passion for food.

As a young adult, Yuki pursued a degree in culinary studies and served in the Israeli Army as a Pastry Chef for the Israeli Special Forces.

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"In Manhattan, you do have Israeli bakeries, but there were none here even though there are a lot of Israelis in Hoboken and around the community," said Levinson.

Despite the challenges of opening during the pandemic, Yuki feels a great sense of pride to be sharing her passion for food and the taste of Israel in New Jersey.

In addition to the signature babkas and coffee, you can also find freshly baked challah bread, borek, vegan oat and date cookies, granola, and various Israeli products and teas.

"This is like what keeps me like smiling, wake up every morning, keep doing what I'm doing as long as I know that. You enjoy what you got here. I'll keep us no matter how hard work it is we'll be I'll be here at to do those things," said Levinson.


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