Election 2020: Americans vote early in record numbers, nearly 8 million ballots cast in California

SAN FRANCISCO -- Batches of ballots are flooding election offices nationwide as a record number of people vote early.

Election Day is just days away and already more than 75 million Americans have voted, either in-person or through mail-in ballots.

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In California, early voting is at historic levels.

Thirty-six percent of registered voters in the state, nearly 8 million people, have already turned in their ballots.

All registered voters in California should have received their mail-in ballot in early October.

Ballots will have prepaid postage and can returned at any time in California, including on Election Day.

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A ballot can be received as late as Nov. 20 and it will still be counted, as long as it's postmarked no later than Nov. 3.

Californians can learn how to track their 2020 ballots here.

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