Chaylin Funez's murder trial is underway

Funez murder trial continues with testimony from doctors and police.

A Kaweah Delta surgeon says she tried to save Eric Fisher's life even though his chances were slim when he arrived at the hospital's emergency department.

"I decided that he looked young, that I should give him a chance," Dr. Amenah Kalani. "So that's why I opened his chest to massage his heart and cross-clamp his aorta."

But despite her best efforts, Fisher, a 35-year-old husband, and father of two girls died that night.

A few days later, Dr. Gary Walter performed an autopsy on Fisher and determined his cause of death to be cardiopulmonary arrest, or stoppage of the heart, due to acute blood loss due to multiple blunt force trauma injuries.

On May 27th, a car hit Fisher near his Visalia home, then backed up over him and dragged him down Prospect Avenue.

Some of his family members witnessed what happened, and say 18-year-old Chaylin Funez was the driver of that car.

Tulare County prosecutors argue Funez intentionally ran over Fisher after he tried to break up an argument between her boyfriend and another man.

And though the car drove away from the scene, it did not take long for Visalia Police detectives to track down the car, and then Funez, thanks to an anonymous tip.

She faces 25 years to life in prison if convicted of murdering Fisher.

Closing statements in the trial are expected to happen on Wednesday.
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