Livingston Police horse develops tumor, officers asking for help

LIVINGSTON, Calif. (KFSN) -- Officer Sonny is one of Livingston's finest. We're not just talking about his fair complexion or gorgeous mane. There's much more to this police horse than just his good looks.

"He's very well behaved although it may not seem like that right now," said Officer Joe Cruz with the Livingston Police Department. "But everyone likes him, he's very friendly, very social-able."

Sonny and his human partner, Officer Cruz, have been together for almost three years.

Together, they netted one of the city's highest-profile DUI arrests. On Cinco de Mayo, the two were patrolling the street when they saw a driver bounce off a curb.

"It happened to be I believe his 5th drunk driving arrest and he already pled guilty to it. So it was a good arrest for him," said Cruz of Sonny.

But it's not crime that worries this duo and the department right now. During a recent appointment, a vet found a tumor near Sonny's hindquarters. It's now the size of a golf ball.

"Oh it's heartwrenching...but he'll be okay," said Cruz.

Running a mounted patrol is expensive. The Livingston Police Department has three horses. Officer Cruz has been paying for all the expenses the last five years out of pocket. The Department is asking for help for the first time to get Sony back on his hooves.

"Everybody has a very positive reaction to him. This day and age it's nice to have people have a good relationship with the community."

Sonny's surgery is scheduled for late September. The cost is around $3,000.

Officers say he should only miss a few weeks -- before galloping back to work.

If you would like to help Sonny, please send your donations to The Livingston Police Foundation, PO Box 1, Livingston Ca, 95334. Any donation small or large are 100% tax deductible
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