'Help! Help! Help!' 911 calls released in 131-vehicle pileup that killed teacher, injured 71 others

WINNEBAGO COUNTY, Wisconsin -- The 911 calls have been released in what authorities in Wisconsin believe is the largest traffic crash in state's history.

The 131-vehicle pileup happened Sunday, killing one person and injuring 71 more.

Dash cam video given to WBAY shows near white-out conditions just before the moment of impact in one of the many accidents prompting continuous 911 calls near Oshkosh.

Dispatchers were overwhelmed by calls for help.

Dispatcher: Ma'am, ma'am, ma'am!

Caller: Help, help, help!

Caller: You're going to have to close the whole highway down.

Dispatcher: Are you injured at all ma'am?

Caller: I'm not getting out of my car now because I'm afraid I'm going to get hit.

Dispatcher Noah Henke said they took more than 700 calls between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. In a normal eight-hour period, they usually take about 200 calls.

"You know, you're hearing the cars striking other vehicles around them and keeping the caller calm. You know, 'Just stay in your vehicle.' You know, 'Just keep your seatbelt on' in an instance like that. It's going to be the safest place," said Henke.

Many of the calls came from family members of the victims.

Andrew Schefelker, 30, was killed. He was in his first year teaching science to middle and high school students.