Valley Children's helps teen battle Sturge-Weber Syndrome

MADERA, Calif. (KFSN) -- Imagine having a child who has seizures on a weekly basis!

And medication is not controlling them!

The NeuroScience team at Valley Children's Hospital found a solution.

Sariah Moreno is eager to show off her fruit and vegetable garden.

Outdoor time wasn't always possible for this 14-year-old; she spent most of her life living with seizures.

"I didn't like having them, every time I feel them, I panicked," said Moreno.

Sariah was born with Sturge-Weber Syndrome.

"Her seizures were like having a baby 24/7," said Sariah's mother, Barbi.

"She would have a seizure one a day, sometimes two or three a day and they would just drag her down," said Sariah's father, Albert.
and she would be out for the whole week
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