New app made by Fresno couple helps document harassment, discrimination incidents

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Tracking harassment has gone high tech with a new app called ToProovIt.

"It's a tool that people can start using to documenting if they're experiencing harassment, discrimination, retaliation or anything that somebody may be going through," said founder Fotini Alfieris.

Fotini and Steven Alfieris are the founders of ToProovIt.

The couple says life experience and seeing a loved one's handwritten records of discrimination inspired them to create an app.

"Between that and the Me Too movement and so many people being harassed and discriminated against, you need a tool to help document that," Alfieris said.

Steven is a lawyer and says he often tells clients to make sure they document incidents and to make sure they are time stamped.

"If your employer takes your phone away from you or if they let you keep your phone but they send a bullet to your phone, where all the data is deleted, you take another phone, download the app and everything will reappear. everything is stored safely and securely in the cloud," he said.

People just download the app and can type in the incidents. They can also add pictures and audio recordings.

The couple worked with Shift3 Technologies out of Bitwise in downtown Fresno.

"It's accessible. Anyone that has access to the app store or a computer can go and utilize the app. That's amazing. It's huge that we can do that here, maybe in a town that a lot of people haven't heard of, but they can use technology that made and founded here," said senior business development manager, JP Prendergast.

Developers say they keep data secure so that others can't get their hands on it.

The app is free to download and free for the first month. Fees vary from there.

ToProovIt comes in both English and Spanish. Developers hope the app will reach people around the world.
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