Former Diamond Dogs Aaron Judge and Mike Batesole jerseys retired in halftime ceremony

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Sunday, November 19, 2023
Former Diamond Dogs Aaron Judge and Mike Batesole jerseys retired in halftime ceremony
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Five-time MLB all-star, Aaron Judge and former Diamond Dogs head coach Mike Batesole returned to the valley once again to see their jerseys retired under the bright lights.

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Five-time MLB all star, Aaron Judge returned to the valley once again to see his jersey retired under the bright lights.

"I was admitted into the hospital and Aaron Judge just turned out to be there and was visiting kids in their rooms and I was one of those kids who we got to visit," said fan, Meyer Moore.

Being able to see former Diamond Dog, former American League MVP, and MLB all star Aaron Judge's jersey retired Saturday night was extra special for Meyer Moore.

Years ago he was diagnosed with Leukemia and he will never forget the words from Aaron Judge that helped him through it.

"He just was like 'stay strong and you can make it through this,'" said Moore.

Both Judge number 29 and the coach who led them to a NCAA national title Mike Batesol, number 44, were honored.

Fans say the impact Judge's success has made on the valley is unimaginable and he always gives back to the community he's from.

"He continuously comes back, maybe for a quick little commercial, but he does come back that in itself impacts our community in the city of Fresno," said fan, Terry Rodriguez.

"It's always great because he represents the valley and always comes back to the valley, and even though he's on the East Coast, he comes back, and that's good because he's still here," said fan, Rudy Gonzales.

Judge also stopped by the Bulldog Locker where his t-shirt jersey is being sold. The owner tells Action News people have been coming in and calling to get the shirts ahead of the Jersey retirement.

"I said the community is so proud of you, you've done so much for us and we just love you and I mean I was honored that he came in the store," said Bulldog Locker Owner, Diane Brock.

Terry Rodriguez brought pictures hoping to get them signed by Judge - he says the MLB legend is someone everyone should know.

"He's just a big star, and it would be awesome to add to my collection," said Rodriguez.

The official jersey retirement ceremony will happen Sunday, at Pete Beiden Field, at 1 p.m.

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