Adele helps New York couple with their gender reveal at her Las Vegas residency

You will 'Cry Your Heart Out' at this gender reveal story

ByMarcus Solis WABC logo
Wednesday, August 16, 2023
Adele helps couple's dreams come true by hosting their baby's gender reveal on stage
A young couple brought Adele to tears when they asked if she would host their gender reveal. Reporter Marcus Solis has more.

LAS VEGAS -- A couple from Newburgh, New York said more than just 'Hello' to Adele at her residency in Las Vegas Saturday.

Shantelle Lord and Chris Dare are expecting their first child.

They had the sex of their baby written on a Post-it note and placed in a sealed envelope as to keep it a surprise. That envelope remained sealed until Adele opened it.

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'Rumor Has It' that posters are not allowed at the show, so the couple made a custom flag they could fold instead.

Adele saw their sign and called them down to the stage.

"She was like, 'oh my god,' I would love to do a gender reveal," Lord said.

The moment was one to remember not just for the expecting couple, but all those in attendance.

"As we are walking back up, you see people wiping their tears away," Lord said. "That was a wholesome moment for us. This is our baby, and people are crying for us."

The couple are expecting a baby boy.

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A video of the reveal was posted to TikTok and has now amassed millions of views.

"Thank you, I was so honored to do that," said Adele in the video. "That was so lovely."