Allergies on the rise, local doctor explains what symptoms to look out for to rule out COVID-19

Friday, January 28, 2022
Allergies on the rise, local doctor explains symptoms to look out for
Allergy season is upon us and as we head into spring, they could only get worse for some.

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Allergy season is upon us and as we head into spring, they could only get worse for some.

Action News spoke to a local doctor who tells us what symptoms you should pay close attention to right now.

"This allergy season has been very challenging because it's a little different with COVID. A lot of times, the common question is do I have allergies or do I have COVID," explained Dr. Praveen Buddiga, Allergist and Immunologist with the Family Allergy Asthma Center.

Dr. Budigga heads the Family Allergy Asthma Center in Fresno. He explained to Action News some key symptoms to look out for to help rule out COVID-19.

"If you don't have the postnasal drip, that's the drip coming out the back and no sneezing, it's most likely going to be COVID," said Dr. Budigga.

Dr. Buddiga says that increased pollen will be a huge factor this allergy season, impacting farmers and people who just relocated to the Fresno area.

"I've had them for about 40 years and I didn't have allergies in the previous location I was living in, but when we moved here it just started getting worse all the time," explained Richard Sullivan, resident of Fresno.

"I'm thinking it might be due to some climate change issue and just the warmer weather earlier in the year," said Ellen Wilson, resident of Fresno. "I have suffered from some allergies for a long time, it could be part of my pets but he gets his regular baths and brushed, that's something I'm willing to live with."

Or you might fall into the lucky category where allergies don't affect you at all.

"We've been pretty lucky that we haven't had to deal with the allergies. I know a lot of people do suffer from them in the Valley, but we're one of the lucky fews that don't have to," said the Cavalli Family.

Whether you are dealing with an itchy nose and watery eyes or just enjoying your day in the park, Dr. Buddiga does have some tips that could help those who suffer with allergies and how to help prevent them from getting worse.

"Something like a nasal rinse on a daily basis, more preventative, it just cleans out your nasal passages, to shower in the evenings before you go to bed. That gets rid of the pollen and all the other viral stuff that comes on to us," said Dr. Buddiga.