You could have free Amazon credit waiting for you, but you have to act fast

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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Thanks to a 2013 court case about the prices of e-books, you might have credit waiting for you in your Amazon account, but you have to act fast.

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What is the court case about?

In the court case, the plaintiffs claimed that Apple colluded with five major publishers to drastically raise the prices of e-books. After the Supreme Court denied Apple's appeal, consumers were entitled to credits through retailers like Amazon and Barnes & Noble beginning in June 2016.

Who gets the credit?

If you purchased a qualifying e-book between April 1, 2010 and May 21, 2012, you are entitled to credit. According to the law firm Hagens Berman, millions of consumers across the U.S. are eligible. It depends on which e-books were bought, but consumers may be entitled to up to $6.93 per book.

What if I didn't buy through Amazon?

Amazon's deadline to use the credit is this week, but other retailers have other processes for paying back consumers. Check to find out how your retailer is distributing the credit.

What happens if I got the Amazon credit?

If you sign into Amazon and discover you have credit, you have to use it by Saturday or it expires, so get shopping!