SoCal woman on a mission to help rescue dogs being kept at make-shift shelters in Mexico

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Tuesday, March 2, 2021
Mission to help rescue dogs at animal shelters in Mexico
The Animal Rescue Mission is working to rescue dogs being kept in squalor at make-shift shelters in Mexico. Volunteers are also helping improve conditions at the shelters.

LOS ANGELES -- Volunteers with The Animal Rescue Mission are working to make life better for rescue dogs living in squalor in make-shift animal shelters in Mexico.

"Terrible conditions, very dilapidated, the dogs don't eat or have water many days," founder Shira Astrof described.

"We fell in love with all of these dogs but it also broke our hearts that so many of them were so sick and had such an uphill battle," Astrof said.

Astrof and a team of volunteers are bringing some of the sick dogs back to Los Angeles, looking to nurse them back to health and get them ready for adoption. Astrof's veterinarian is also a part of the team in Mexico.

"I'd say 95% of these are adoptable with needing nothing other than some love and affection," the veterinarian said.

Astrof knows she can't take every dog out of the dilapidated shelters. But she has a plan.

"Basically the idea of our new kind of mission is to start changing these shelters, to start rehabbing these shelters from ground up. It needs to be completely cleaned, kennels built, the dogs need to start getting vaccinated, they need the medical treatment," Astrof said.

"A lot of people ask me why are you rescuing dogs in Mexico and not the dogs here? There's so many here that need help. My answer is, I do help a lot of dogs here, but there, we won't have to keep helping if we can kind of create the structure there and the foundation there," Astrof explained.

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