Mono Wind Casino Raid

KFSN They seized some of the casino's property as part of a wrongful termination settlement for a former general manager.

The casino barely skipped a beat today, despite the raid. But attorneys for the former general manager say this was just one of many raids to come until they get $700-thousand dollars.

Sheriff's Deputies carried out a similar raid in August 2005, collecting around $175-thousand dollars worth of property.

Since then, the tribe won a ruling limiting the seizures to property worth less than a-thousand dollars.

So this time, deputies grabbed smaller items that could disrupt operations at the casino. Things like playing cards, poker chips, chairs and just about everything in the gift shop.

The tribe is also under fire for bulldozing a path to their casino. The neighboring tribe that owns the Table Mountain Casino claims the big dig may have disturbed Native American burial sites.

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