Valley Gang Involved In a New Kind of Crime

Senior citizens have become unwilling targets of one local gang here in Fresno.

Already 52 victims of ID theft have been identified and detectives fear more will come forward as this investigation unfolds.

Over the last 7 months Postal Investigator Frank Ducar discovered over 50 residents in Fresno, mostly senior citizens, were victims of ID theft which cost them a total of 50 thousand dollars.

Frank Ducar: "Any use of the mail gets us involved. In this case the credit cards, the fruit of the crime, were coming through the mail."

Detectives arrested bulldog gang members Jesus Ledesma and Gilbert Chavez and their suspected accomplices Linda Arreola and Juan Hernandez.

Detectives believe these suspects called the victims, posing as bank officials, representatives from credit card companies and even police officers to gather personal information.

Chief Jerry Dyer: "In this instance it shows that bulldog gang members will stop at nothing to include funding their gang lifestyle on the back of elderly victims."

Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer says credit cards were ordered through the mail and wire transfers were used to buy TV's, cell phones and other electronics.

Investigators warn banks and credit card companies already have personal information on customers and will never ask for it over the phone.

However, police recommend always taking down a caller's name and number.

The suspects face over one-hundred counts of ID theft and elderly abuse with gang enhancements.

Detectives believe there may be more victims.

If you believe you're a victim in this ID theft investigation call the Fresno Police Department.

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