Johnson-Klein Accepted the Judge's Decision

Johnson-Klein won a discrimination and sexual harassment lawsuit against the University.

Stacy Johnson-Klein agreed to accept six-point-six million dollars instead of $19 million.

A judge reduced the verdict, calling the jury's decision excessive.

But University attorneys are now looking at their options which include settling the case.

Johnson-Klein: "This was about a University, trying to ruin people's lives."

Stacy Johnson-Klein had harsh words for Fresno State at a press conference. The former coach said she accepted the lower amount to hopefully settle it.

Johnson-Klein: "I'm ready to move on. I'm ready to live my life. I'm ready to raise my kids, be a wife again, and be a mom."

She expressed some disappointment with the Judge's written decision to lower her award.

The judge agreed with jurors that she faced discrimination and sexual harassment.

Fresno State Attorney Dawn Theodora said they are considering paying the six million to resolve the case or appealing to a higher court.

Theodora: "It is a decision that is jointly made between the Board of Trustees, the Chancellor and the Campus."

Theodora: "But our goal is to get it resolved fairly and squarely and move forward."

ABC 30 Legal Analyst Tony Capozzi believes an appeal would be damaging for a University already tarnished by several discrimination lawsuits.

Capozzi: "I don't see any point of law any area that the University could win on in an appeal. Let bygones, be bygones. You lost. Take it. Settle it. Move on."

If there is an appeal Johnson-Klein welcomed the challenge.

Johnson-Klein: "I can out last anyone of those guys at Fresno State. I think they should know that by now. I'm not worried one bit. I have great lawyers they can handle that. I'm going to live."

A final decision from the University could come in early March. That's when the CSU Trustees meet next.

At that time Trustees will receive a recommendation from attorneys on whether or not to settle the Johnson-Klein case.

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