Clinton issues economic plan

MILWAUKEE The pamphlet, which will be distributed to voters at campaign events and posted online, outlines many of the ideas she talks about on the campaign trail each day. But by pulling them together, the document resembles a populist manifesto - with Clinton championing the needs of working-class voters over corporate and business interests.

"Over the past seven years, big corporations and special interests have been given a free pass to profit, often at the expense of the American worker. As President, Hillary will make it a priority to scale back special benefits and subsidies to these corporations and put those resources to work for our economy again," the pamphlet declares.

Among other things, the document stresses Clinton's plan to freeze home foreclosures and subprime adjustable rate mortgages - a plan some economists believe would raise interest rates on other consumers.

It also describes Clinton's plan for creating new jobs through investments in infrastructure projects like roads, bridges and levees and "green-collar" jobs that would help reduce dependence on foreign oil.

The New York senator also details her ideas for improving trade agreements, making college more affordable and expanding family and medical leave programs.

"Hillary's plan to rein in the special interests will take back at least $55 billion per year from drug companies, oil companies and firms that ship jobs overseas and invest those resources to improve the lives of working families," the pamphlet said.

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