Deliberations Continue in the Madewell Case

Fresno Wilson: "He was being loose with somebody else's money the City of Fresno's."

Prosecutor Roger Wilson detailed the case against former Fresno Public Works Manager Bob Madewell. The case started with this woman. Action news is not revealing her identity. During closing arguments the prosecutor said Madewell took her alone to a vacant downtown building.

Wilson: "At first she said they were joking around and then his demeanor changed. And he got serious ... 'you know I'm married and the sex is not there.' That's out of right field."

Madewell is accused of fondling her and paying the woman $3-hundred dollars but the defense gave another explanation.

Hodgkins: "It's for the yard vac. It's for the vacuum clean. It's for the cleaning supplies that an independent contractor would need."

Marshall Hodgkins told jurors Madewell paid her to clean the building as an independent contractor. Hodgkins also defended his client against allegations he brokered a secret deal with the Fresno Grizzlies.

The prosecution claimed Madewell illegally obtained season tickets and luxury boxes in exchange for a cheaper city parking contract with the stadium. Hodgkins pointed to testimony from Fresno City Manager Andy Souza who said Madewell operated a unique city department. The defense said Madewell had authority to make the deal.

Hodgkins: "An enterprise funded department is as Mr. Souza told us unlike a public government ruled department. The purpose of an enterprise funded department is to make money."

Hodgkins told jurors his client has been victimized by city government. But the prosecutor said Madewell is a victim of his own bad decisions.

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