Political Signs: Eye-Catchers or Eye Sores?

Fresno, CA As the June election draws near political signs are popping up like spring blossoms at busy intersections. When it comes to these signs, less is more according to Fresno State Political Science Professor David Schecter. He's working for Fresno Mayoral Candidate Ashley Swearengin.

Dr. David Schecter, Swearengin Volunteer: "What you're really just trying to do is build name recognition. The only way to do that is just to have a name on there."

Believe it or not, there's actual psychology behind those signs you see while passing by. With the politicians not only hopping to catch your eye, but capture your vote too.

Schecter says research shows candidates like Swearingen and the others carefully chose the coloring and even the lettering to make a statement about their campaign.

"It has a feminine nature to it. She wanted something like it wouldn't be a male sign either."

The well-weathered candidate for Fresno County Supervisor Brian Calhoun is making his own person statement on his sign that asks "got coffee?"

He's spent alot of time on these street corners over the years. So I think it's a nice catchy slogan for what he's known for around town.

"Jeff Eben is a proven leader ready to lead on the finest cities in the nation."

Fresno Deputy Mayor Jeff Eben is the first candidate in the Fresno mayoral race to go beyond the signs and take to the airwaves to boost name recognition. But whether it's a commercial, or a sign Maxine Micheli says efforts to grab her attention don't affect her vote.

Maxine Micheli: "It's what you read in the newspaper or hear them speaking or that type of thing. But advertisements on signs don't."

With the election still two months away there's no doubt the competition for your eye will get alot stiffer.

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