Tornado Slammed Into Parts of Little Rock

4/4/2008 Little Rock, AR The true scope of the damage will not be known for several hours, but it's already clear this was a storm that took-out an entire airport, downed countless trees, and left dozens of families without a home. One of the areas hardest-hit is Bryant, Arkansas, where a mobile home park continued to burn after midnight from reported lightening strikes.

The storm moved into central Arkansas quickly, leaving people here in saline county scrambling for safety. "When the lights went out, we knew we did not have time to leave, we got behind a couch in the house and just rode it out," said one storm victim.

30-miles away at the North Little Rock Airport, more than 2-dozen aircraft were destroyed, planes ripped from the hangars where they had been stored.

No serious injuries have been reported in Little Rock area, despite the significant property damage. At last count, an estimated 20-thousand people were without power in Arkansas' capital city.

This is third major tornado outbreak to strike the state of Arkansas this year. A report on the severity of the storm is expected later today.

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