Heated Deliberations in Abdullah Trial

4/24/2008 Fresno, CA Attorneys declined to share the note with the media. When jurors entered the court room, all twelve looked tired and frustrated. The fore person said they all were deliberating when some sort of heat exchange of words erupted.

It is unknown exactly what was said behind closed doors.

The fore person also told Judge Ralph Nunez deliberations have been very tough. They all don't agree on a verdict and deliberations have been downright heated. Judge Nunez encouraged them to continue, "Please treat one another courteous. Your role is to be an impartial judge of the facts not to act as an advocate for one side or the other."

The judge then gave jurors a 4 day break in deliberations.

These developments come as a Fresno County Deputy's bathroom break causes some controversy. Deputy Rodney Zumkehr testified saying he entered the jury deliberating room Wednesday afternoon while jurors were inside the court room. The deputy used the bathroom inside the deliberating room. Jurors then returned. When the deputy came out of the bathroom, the jury was deliberating. The deputy said he excused himself and did not hear anything.

Jurors return Tuesday April 29 to begin their fifth day of deliberations.

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