Two States, Two Winners

5/7/2008 Barack Obama took North Carolina with a 14-point victory; 56% percent to 42% percent. But, the margin in Indiana is razor thin. Hillary Clinton won 51% percent of the vote compared with 49% percent for Obama; a difference of about 22,400 votes. The contest was a nail-biter. Results weren't clear until seven hours after polls closed.

Political Analyst David Gergen said, "The Clinton people around her are expressing disappointment about the night. They had hoped to win big in Indiana and narrow that lead down in North Carolina."

Despite the narrow victory, Clinton said she's staying in the race. "Thanks to you, its full speed on to the white house."

But, after surviving weeks of controversy regarding his former pastor, Barack Obama isn't slowing down. "Some were saying that North Carolina would be a game changer in this election. But today, what North Carolina decided is that the only game that needs changing is the one in Washington, DC," said Obama.

Both candidates tossed aside the acrimonious rhetoric of recent days and focused on the future of their campaigns and their party.

Up next for Democrats is the West Virginia primary on May 13th where 39 delegates are at stake.

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