Fresno Grizzlies Gatorade Ad on YouTube

If that ball girl's catch seems unbelievable well, you're right it's not real. It's a viral video advertisement produced for Gatorade.

The ad was filmed at Chukchansi Park back in April. These photos were given to us by Lance Cardoza of Some of it was shot during the Grizzlies game and some of it was done after with about one-hundred fans in the bleachers and a few players who stayed late.

So how did they pull off the amazing leap? Well the ball girl is a stuntwoman who was hooked up to cables.

The connection to Gatorade is only at the end of the video. If you look closely you can see a Gatorade bottle when the ball girl sits down.

These viral ads are the latest trend in marketing. They're posted on websites and the goal is to have it spread through word of mouth.

This ad has already received nearly 350-thousand page views on YouTube.

Click to Watch the Fresno Grizzlies Gatorade Ad

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