A Look at Michelle Obama

8/25/2008 Fresno, CA Mrs. Obama has kept a low profile in the campaign so far, saying her first priority is her children. But even with the little time she's spent on the campaign trail, Michelle Obama has stirred up some controversy.

She grew up on the south side of Chicago. Her parents were part of the working class. She went to Princeton and then Harvard Law School. She was an attorney and is now a full-time mom. She is an attractive and confident African American woman.

Pauline Kimber, founder of Fresno's "The California Advocate" newspaper along with her husband, Les, says Michelle Obama is a great role model for women. "She's strong, she talks strongly, and not shyly like I'm doing. She knows where she's going. She's an attorney. She graduated from the same college that her husband did. Two children… and they're strong too, I can tell. "

Michelle Obama is also not afraid to speak her mind. She was criticized by some then as being "unpatriotic." Mark Kimber, the son of Pauline and Les Kimber says, "In our community we know what she meant, that for the first time, I mean, this is historic. For the first time as an African American community, we are really proud of this country."

Kimber says he sees Michelle Obama as an equal partner to her husband not just a woman behind her man.

Fresno City Councilmember Cynthia Sterling who has long campaigned for Hillary Clinton is at the Convention in Denver this week and throwing her support behind Barack Obama, and his wife Michelle. "She's a great example of what a wife is. A very supportive wife, a very supportive mother. As well as a great strategist. A very smart woman. Very intelligent."

Many political observers are anxious to see what Senator John McCain's wife Cindy will say when she speaks at the Republican National Convention next week.

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