Burroughs Farmer's Market

Fresno, CA, USA Farmer Claudia Sersland is getting ready for business ... laying out the tomatoes, peppers and zucchini. But this is not your typical farmer's market-- This is Burroughs Elementary School.

Misty Her, Burroughs Principal: "When this came about, I thought it would be a very good idea and would tie in with what we're trying to encourage at the school-- with eating healthy and exercise."

The school partnered with the Burroughs Neighborhood Resource Center and Dave Lewis Farms to open the only farmers market in the area-- and the first on a Fresno Unified campus.

Reyna Villalobos, Fresno Metro Ministry: "Obesity is a very serious issue among low-income communities. It's a serious issue in this neighborhood. And we do see a lot of children who are overweight."

Access to supermarkets and fresh produce is a problem in the neighborhood. Many don't have transportation-- so this farmers market is open not only to Burroughs staff and parents, but to the public.

Audrey Sizemore, customer: "I was glad-- because it's so close... I didn't have to drive all the way down to Blackstone and Shaw."

Customers can pay for their fruits and vegetables with food stamps. Sersland also plans to change things up-- according to what's in season.

"They could buy this at the grocery store-- but like I said, this is local, its fresh and its going to taste a lot better."

These grapes were picked just this morning-- and were a bit hit with kids and parents.

"At the stores it about one dollar something a pound-- here 50-cents. These bags were only two dollars--- I thought all right! That's pretty good, a bargain."

Inexpensive, healthy ... And convenient for a busy mom like Carmen Solórzano. "Right here, I said pick up my kids, my vegetables, go home, cook and I'm out the door. That's pretty good! Yes it's really convenient."

The city of Fresno changed its ordinance to allow farmers markets in residential areas just this past June. The Burroughs Farmers Market will be open every Wednesday from 1:30 to 4pm.


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