Central California Women's Conference

Fresno, CA, USA Suze Orman mingled with the women who have helped make her famous ... Fresno's faithful viewers and book buyers who live by her financial advice.

Suze Orman, Personal Finance Expert: "You are so recognizable do people tend to stop you in public and ask for advice? All the time. I can't go anywhere without something coming up to me and saying oh Suze I love you."

"And then there's a question about I've always wanted to ask you this question. And I always say, ask away girlfriend. Ask away now."

Orman's personal chats though were cut short by an introduction by our Graciela Moreno.

"Fresnooooo!! ... "

Orman let everyone know "cash is queen." as for advice ... one simple tip topped all.

"Every single person here should have a will, a living revocable trust, all of these documents and they still don't have it. So I could give normal tips such as get out of debt, do this. Here's the thing people, you have to have the paperwork in place today to protect your tomorrows."

The 57-year old Orman literally has written the book on financial advice. Six in fact and they're all best-sellers.

Gigi Balderama, Fresno: "Extremely personal for me because she gives you life skills in how to put yourself in a better position financially, prepare yourself for the future. Be better equipped with the economy."

Suze Orman worked as a waitress long before she served up advice. Her career as a broker began at the age of 30 after a shady broker caused her to lose 50-thousand dollars. Orman sued to get her money back but learned a painful lesson.

"Probably that not everybody has my best interests at heart."

Orman didn't disappoint the women who came here to be empowered.

Corinne Peters, Fresno: "She was awesome. I wish every woman in Fresno could have been here to see her."

Kristie Melikian, Fresno: "I just enjoyed all her advice for young people trying to get off in buying homes and investing. I really enjoyed the information she gave out."

Orman reminded women what you wear doesn't define you and that if she can wear 10-year old earrings, so can you.

Suze Orman says she is most proud of the hundreds of thousands of people whose lives she has touched and whose lives have improved as a result of her advice.


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