No Death Penalty for Abdullah

Fresno, CA, USA Judge Ralph Nunez now decides a major verdict: is Abdullah guilty of first degree murder for shooting and killing Fresno County Deputy Erik Telen? The answer is likely to be yes. Abdullah's defense team always maintained he did pull the trigger and was insane at the time, but Abdullah's attorneys are dropping the insanity defense.

ABC 30 Legal Analyst Tony Capozzi said, "What it does is: it takes off the table a lengthy jury trial. It will save the county hundreds of thousands of dollars." Capozzi explains Judge Nunez will base his decision on Abdullah's first trial. At that time, Nunez presided but the jury could not come to a unanimous decision and a mistrial was declared. Capozzi said the deal is good for both sides especially Abdullah who's life is spared from the ultimate punishment. Capozzi said, "It gets a sure finding of guilty for the district attorney's office. Save a lot of money on both sides for the defense and prosecution. It's a win, win for both sides."

District Attorney Elizabeth Egan released a written statement: "The decision to seek life in prison without the possibility of parole was made after careful consideration of the facts and consultation with the family of Deputy Telen and the Fresno Sheriff's Department."

Judge Nunez will release his verdict next week. Nunez is expected to find Abdullah guilty of first degree murder. The defense team declined to comment on camera along with the Telen family.


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