Biggest Rescue Effort in TX History

Houston, TX, USA Hurricane Ike came and went in just a few hours. The problems it left behind will last for months. "There is huge damage across this area of the state and it's going to take jus a while to get back," said Texas Governor Rick Perry.

Rescue teams continued searching the worst-hit areas, areas off limits to residents like Brian Babcock. "If we could get in there we could get self-sufficient, we've got to start cleaning up now. If we don't we'll wind up like New Orleans," said Bridge City resident Brian Babcock.

"This is catastrophic to me, to my family just because of the inconvenience that we're going to go through to get it back to if possible I'd say normal and I don't know if we ever will get the house itself back," said Bridge City resident Randy Lowe.

In Galveston, battered and exhausted residents, some carrying babies, came out of what is left of their homes to ride busses out of the city. "There's sewage, raw sewage running through the apartments and stuff. It's no kind of place to stay, especially with a teenager and myself," said Galveston resident John Stoval.

Many now realizing, the decision to stay was a mistake. Many of those people will now join the roughly 37,000 people living in shelters.


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