Calif. residents start pinching pennies

10/19/2008 ALAMEDA, Calif. Some people in Alameda say the number of yard sales in their area has doubled recently, and in today's economy, a yard sale is becoming all about survival.

Families sell off what they can and put the cash toward important things, like groceries or even college.

"Times are really tough. We have a lot of stuff, and we accumulated a lot of stuff during the good times, so now we're trying to get rid of it during the bad times," said local resident Robert Jette.

"I think it's going to go towards my daughter's college education. She's going to be applying to colleges and every application cost money," said Susan Ford, another local resident.

However, not everyone is happy about seeing more yard sales in their neighborhoods. Some cities are now starting to put limits on how many of them people can have.

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