Last-Minute Registration Rush

Fresno, CA The county elections office is open late tonight. They are calling it midnight madness. Hundreds of brand new voters have filed through here. The clerk here says Fresno County will have the highest number of people registered to vote ever. And 70 percent of voters are expected to turn out for this historical election.

Luring in those final voters wasn't very hard to do when it came down to the wire.

Last minute voters lined up all over Fresno to be a part of a historical election. Most said they registered to take part in deciding who will be the next president.

Katherine Moreno said, "It's history because we have an African American male for the first time and a female. They have a lot of different issues and depending on who goes, we'll see what happens with our economy and we're in a real difficult time right now and hope they can make some changes."

Many who showed up on the final day to register said they had never taken interest in politics until this presidential election.

Grant Huffman said, "Lack of inspiration, basically it was just lack of inspiration. This year I feel inspired to vote, I compelled to vote."

Dexter Jones said, "I've been against voting, I've kept my two cents out because I don't like to be in anything but right now the nation is so bad, gas is so bad, anything I can do to help."

Fresno County Clerk Victor Salazar says already a record 365 thousand voters are registered and the numbers are climbing.

Victor Salazar said, "We fully expect thousands more that will come in today to be processed so we very well could and there's no question we will hit 375 thousand."

ABC30 Political Analyst Tony Capozzi says of the voters who registered Monday, many are likely excited about Barack Obama.

Tony Capozzi said, "If they are registering at the last moment, today, I think it is going to be democrat because it's that excitement I'm talking about. On the republican side Palin coming onto the ticket I think has had a great effect on bringing the republicans together but I don't think it's expanded the base."

The deadline crept up on many voters who rushed to fill out registration forms. Most didn't realize time had run out to register.

Audrey Redmond said, "Like everything else, they forget about it until they hear about it and it's the last minute thing. So then they decide they want to find a place that they could do this and I think for a lot of people it's history."

The propositions on the ballot are also bringing out more voters. Especially Proposition 8 that if passed would ban same sex marriage.

The general election is just 15 days away.


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