Traffic is Moving Again on the Grapevine

I-5 by the Grapevine, CA, USA Drivers who made it over the Grapevine said it was still a little icy and sandy.

Hundreds of trucks were at a standstill on I-5 as they waited to finally get moving towards their planned destinations. Snow and ice closed down the Grapevine on Wednesday after officials deemed the road too dangerous to drive on. Drivers who passed through the Grapevine going northbound said it took a long time to get through.

Manpreet Singh said, "Everything was really slow on the way here there was a lot of dirt, trucks just on top of each other that's all you could see for miles and miles."

Singh and his family said there were a lot of accidents, too.

"Near the mountain sides it's very icy so everytime you see that it's all slow traffic," said Singh.

This truck driver had been waiting to get on the Grapevine since Wednesday afternoon but decided to wait it out a little longer until the traffic died down.

"It's safer ... There's no reason and get caught up in the middle of it especially when you're running your own truck," said John Clark.

Clark says his Maltese mix named Ginger keeps him company during the frustrating traveling conditions during the winter.

"She's my sanity when things don't tend to be right I can sit with her for 15 minutes and keep everything in perspective," said John Clark.

The snow here on the ground has melted. Drivers are hoping the clear conditions keep up so there aren't anymore delays.


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