Witnesses Rushed to Help Injured Officer Rudy Ruiz

Fresno, CA, USA One neighbor who is an X-Ray Tech held the officer's head up until emergency crews arrived. Cassie Macedo said, "He had an injury to his left leg and he was bleeding at his nose and mouth."

Fluid leaked from his bike and parts from the motorcycle littered the street. While waiting for paramedics to arrive, Cassie Macedo worried that once the officer's adrenaline slowed down his body would go into shock.

"He was conscious but he started to shake like he was cold or in shock. So we just kept talking to him trying to keep his aware of things until the ambulance came," said Macedo.

To rush any treatment the injured officer needed, firefighters took off his boots, shirt, gun belt and jacket, neighbors said when they heard the loud boom they knew it couldn't be good.

Henry Zavala said, "It happens so fast. So I can imagine what the officer felt, like what happened what happened. It happened so fast."

The accident is the third on duty collision for Ruiz. In August of 2007 Ruiz suffered a fracture and concussion when police say a car turned in front of him in Northwest Fresno.

In 2006 he was also named Traffic Bureau Officer of the Year.

Witnesses said the officer was able to talk and was calling for back up seconds after he went down. Neighbors said the impact seemed great so they were pleased to see the officer will survive his injuries.


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