Robbery Near Fashion Fair, Shoppers Not Worried

FRESNO, Calif. A frightening situation at Fashion Fair as police chased armed robbery suspects into the mall.

But a heavy security presence meant the odds were always stacked towards safety.

Three suspects, at least two of them teenagers, robbed another teen at Cary Park then ran towards Macy's.

Police and mall security shut down the store for a couple hours and ended up catching one teen quickly at the mall and another teen near Highway 41.

Shoppers said they feel safe at Fashion Fair even at Macy's especially after the store was shut down for a couple hours Friday night.

Police say the robbers were not thinking when they ran to Fashion Fair to hide; there is police and security everywhere.

Business appeared to be booming Saturday morning at Fashion Fair mall.

Shoppers Action News spoke to were curious about Friday night's robbery at a local park which forced a nearby Macy's Women's store to shut down for several hours.

Shopper Dian Salina of Dinuba said, "It goes to show you you never know what's going to happen so you just have to be careful."

Ginna Perez from Fresno said, "Safety's really good. If you come by yoursel .. not so safe. If you come with people. Yeah."

Fresno police said a teen was robbed at gun point in Cary Park just south of Fashion Fair mall; a park that at night is not well lit.

During the day it's a place were kids skate and adults like Erica Reynaga workout.

"I was shocked. It's scary to know that somebody had a gun and was out here," said Reynaga.

At least two of the suspects ran towards Macy's Women's store. One of them ditched a sawed off shotgun underneath a car. Shortly after one teen was arrested.

Later on another teen was found and arrested near HWY 41.

"Probably one of the safest places to be during the Christmas season is at a shopping center in our city," said Fresno police Captain Greg Garner.

Garner credits the annual Operation: Police Presence. County and city law enforcement agencies join together to patrol high traffic areas.

Cameras from above watch parking lots and shops while police and security monitor everything in between.

"As you can see from last night the response was immediate. There were a number of police officers there in a very short period of time," said Garner.

One thing police have not been able to put an immediate end to, is the rise in robberies.

Overall, robbery is up in every district in the city at least 12%. Meanwhile, shoppers said they are not worried when it comes to visiting this mall.

"I've never felt threatened coming down," said Paul Gaither of Fresno

"I'm always real cautious, just look around, look at your surroundings," said Salinas.

"I'd still come back. I mean it didn't really scare me very much," said Perez.

Investigators are still looking for the third suspect involved in Friday night's robbery. If you have any information you are asked to call the Fresno police department.

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