Merced Police Shoot and Kill Attacking Dog

MERCED, Calif. Police say the dog attacked the man Thursday as he was walking down the street. When officers arrived, they say the dog became aggressive towards them, so they shot and killed it.

The dog's owner questions whether police needed to use deadly force. "It's pretty crazy that this all happened. I'm still shocked and confused you know," said Ricky Ramirez.

Andre Matthews with the Merced Police Department said, "We're encouraging dog owners to be responsible because when they're not, it can lead to incidents like this. We're talking about proper fencing, leash laws and keeping vicious dogs maybe tethered in their yard"

The dog's owner claims the man who was attacked by his dog was actually the aggressor because he trespassed onto his property.

It's the third time, police had to shoot a dog over a month's time.

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