Tiger Woods Comes Clean -- Valley Viewers Speak Out

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"He has a personality disorder that doesn't change in several months," said Durell Sharbaugh of Fresno.

A fellow golfer, Darrel Price said, "The average person, golfer we don't care. He can come back playing in two weeks. We don't care because he'd be playing great golf again."

Some said the statement was heartfelt others believe it was insincere. We spoke with several women who said Woods' future actions will prove whether he's changed.

Many in the golf world said he is an asset to the sport and his public and private life should be kept separate.

Action News conducted an exclusive news poll through SurveyUSA on the sincerity of Woods statement. 73% of Valley residents said the statement was sincere -- 21% believe it was not. 31% also believe the pro golfer's image will be forever tarnished because of the scandal -- but 62% said it can be repaired.

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