Sage River Corpus Memorial Information

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Police believe 24-year-old Ramon Ayala of Orange Cove is responsible for the hit and run accident ... that killed 12-year-old Sage Corpus. The boy died Friday night in Fresno County.

Detectives tried to arrest Ayala at this home in Orange Cove Monday night ... but discovered he moved out of the house the day after the crash.

Authorities are now searching areas in Fresno and Tulare Counties where he could be hiding. Police say Ayala does not have a driver's license and has a history of drinking and driving.

Officer Guillermo Garza said, "From my knowledge the suspect was arrested about three weeks ago. For driving on the wrong side of the road during the investigation it was determined he was driving under the influence of alcohol."

The California Highway Patrol has not determined if alcohol played a factor in the hit and run.

Funeral services are scheduled for later this week for Sage Corpus. A memorial fund has been set up to help with the arrangements.

You can go to any Citibank location:
Account Number: 400-587-828-02

Wallin's Fowler Funeral Home
Thursday, April 15

Rosary Service
St. Lucy's Catholic Church
Thursday, April 15

Mass St. Lucy's Catholic Church
Friday, April 16

The family is requesting that no black be worn to any of the services, and is asking visitors to wear colorful clothing in his honor.

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