200 animals abused in Strathmore

FRESNO, Calif.

On a remote stretch of country road outside of Strathmore ... various animal crates, canned food, even a bale of hay makes this home look like it was turned into an animal rescue shelter -- Tulare County investigators said that's what Linda Corsiglia wants people to believe.

"Kern County Animal Control actually received some information that there was a location in Strathmore that might be operating as an animal shelter," said Sgt. Chris Douglass.

Douglass said that tip also included information that animals there were being abused. When investigators showed up on Thursday they found at least 50 animals -- dogs, cats, rabbits and a chicken -- dead inside this home. They also found 150 other animals starving for food and water.

Corsiglia only lived in this home for two months. Residents we spoke to say that was not enough time to get to know her but they did notice several empty animal cages outside of this home.

"We were told that they were animal rescuers yet we never saw any of the animals. we saw cages out there we saw boxes but where are the animals? The only animal that showed up was the horse in the back of the house," said neighbor Julie Denni.

Animal control is working to nurse these creatures back to health. However veterinarians said many are still fighting for their lives.

Neighbor Heather Sandoval said: "I just think it's really sad that someone would treat animals like that cause it kind of shows disregard for life."

Detectives said this is one of the worst animal neglect cases in county history. And there's also a human toll. Investigators learned a 16-year-old girl had been living inside the home in squalid conditions. She has been placed in the custody of child protective services. Corsiglia faces animal cruelty and neglect charges as well as child endangerment.

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