Senator Boxer visits Fresno in hopes to boost support

FRESNO, Calif.

The most recent exclusive Action News poll shows she can use a boost in support.

According to the poll conducted earlier this month by Survey USA, Boxer trails Carly Fiorina 56 to 35 percent among central valley voters.

Fiorina held a seven point lead among valley voters a month earlier.

A news conference was held earlier Monday by Fiorina supporters in East Central Fresno. New campaign signs showing "stop boxer" were unveiled.

"But I think it's too little and a little too late for her all of a sudden, where she has taken the Central Valley and Fresno for granted all these years to now all of a sudden be your best friend," Fiorina Supporter Al Smith said.

Some political experts believe this will continue to be a tight race with both candidates perhaps splitting votes in northern and southern California.

Which would of course means the central valley would represent the swing vote in November's election.

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