Clovis man allegedly stabbed his mother to death

CLOVIS, Calif.

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It happened on Barstow and Villa in the Del Parque Apartments. The victim has been identified as LaDonna Tidrick. She lived at the apartment with her 49-year-old son, Eric. He's now in custody for her death.

The suspect was the one who actually called police Thursday morning just after 2:00 am to report he had just murdered his mother. The two lived in apartment A. During the call he told 9-1-1 operators that he was armed. Officers arrived to find him confrontational, and his mother stabbed in the heart.

Neighbors say LaDonna Tidrick loved to bake and at 77-years-old got around well. She still drove and often delivered sweet treats to loved ones. Don Ramsey lives next door and says LaDonna was genuine and thoughtful.

Neighbor, Don Ramsey said, "LaDonna was the sweetest lady. I mean she was a sweetheart. In fact, Monday she made some Mexican cornbread, brought it over. I had made some homemade peach cobbler and I had give her some. We were doing stuff like that a lot."

Clovis Police say the suspect, 49-year-old Eric Tidrick, called to report he had just killed his mother. When officers pulled up -- he met them and was hiding something in his hand.

Clovis Police spokeswoman, Janet Stoll-Lee said, "He did come out with a drill actually behind his back and then showed the drill at which point he was tased and that's when he was taken into custody."

Family members told Action News, "We are devastated and shocked. We can't believe this happened to our family."

Court records show Eric Tidrick has a history of drug use and a conviction for domestic violence in 1996 against his girlfriend at the time.

Neighbors say LaDonna confided in them about her frustration with Eric, including problems they had lately.

"Eric, he had an alcohol problem which upset her and I guess there was a lot of family history of dissention in the family and stuff like that and I guess it just came to a head."

Eric Tidrick was treated after he was tased and then questioned and arrested. The coroner's office has completed an autopsy and revealed LaDonna died from a stab wound to the heart.

Action New reporter Christine Park contributed to the story.

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