Lorenzo Neal offers $20,000 reward in burglary case

FRESNO, Calif.

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It's just one in a string of home break-ins that investigators say are related. Most of the victims live in homes in or near the Harlan Ranch Development in Clovis.

The thieves are after specific items including jewelry and expensive clothes and purses. All together close to a million dollars worth of valuables has been stolen.

Fresno County Sheriff's Detectives believe eight home burglaries are all connected including the upscale home of former Fresno State Fullback and NFL star Lorenzo Neal.

"I can never come out of retirement and play ball and get the things that I've lost, so I just hope that people understand. It's not about me but it's the memories, it's the things that I had that to me they're irreplaceable. The moments -- the memories." Neal said.

Neal is hoping a $20,000 incentive will help encourage anyone who may know the suspect or suspects to turn them in. Action News caught a glimpse of some of Neal's memorabilia during an interview a few months ago. Over the past month, leads have run dry and detectives say the stolen items have not shown up on craigslist or at local pawn shops.

Fresno County Sheriff, Margaret Mims said, "All of the normal ways that we might recover it are coming up with nothing so far."

Sheriff Mims says the burglaries have many common elements, including the way the thieves are getting into homes and what they are stealing.

"The kind of property they are taking is very similar, high end clothing, high end accessories, appliances, electronic equipment," explained Sheriff Mims.

Several burglaries including two in the Harlan Ranch community of Clovis have occurred on weekends when the homeowners are away.

Neal says solving this string of burglaries is up to everyone. Every tip can help. One person can make a difference. "This is our community and if it can happen to me, if it can happen to people in Clovis than it can happen to you."

If you have any information Fresno County Sheriff's Detectives want to hear from you. They say even if you have a tip you feel is insignificant, please call, it may be the missing piece to crack the case.

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