9-30 AM Live Ag Report

FRESNO, Calif.

The California Farm Bureau tells us, wine grapes could be prone to sunburn in areas where the temperature exceeds 100 degrees. Some grapes were sunburned by earlier heat.

The heat will help to dry almonds that remain damp from earlier rain. Tomato farmers say temperatures have stayed cool in the mornings, creating dew that can lead to mold on warm afternoon.

Many of the winter vegetables people buy in supermarkets come from the Imperial Valley and nearby Yuma, Arizona.

Farmers there are now preparing their fields for planting those crops so they are ready to harvest when other growing areas end their seasons.

Farmers are waiting for cooler weather before they start planting broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, lettuce and other vegetables for the winter market.

California cling peach growers are starting to remove their trees.

The harvest is now over and a growers association says farmers have pulled 349 acres of trees and will likely remove even more as they try to balance supply and demand.

Most cling peaches are canned. Imports of canned peaches continue to increase, mainly from China.

A new study on greenhouse gases is trying to set the record straight on dairy emissions.

The Capitol Press Reports researchers from the University of Arkansas and Michigan Technological University followed the journey of a gallon of milk from production of feed to milk production all the way to the purchase and disposal of the container by the consumer.

They estimate it contributes to 2-percent of all U.S. green house gas emissions. Previous estimates put it as high as 18 percent.

The study was commissioned last year by the innovation center for U.S. dairy in January.

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