Giants have a positive impact on the local economy

FRESNO, Calif.

Right now, World Sports Café is jam packed with Giants fans. At one point, it was standing room only.

As the Giants continue through this season, other valley businesses are also seeing the same type of crowds.


Giants fever is alive and well in the central valley. Take World Sports Café in River Park for example.

Saturday, the manager scheduled more employees to deal with the not-so typical crowds which isn't a problem considering the fact, they've seen a recent boost in sales all thanks to the Giants and their fans.

"You see, everywhere you go, you see somebody in a Giants. Before, it was kinda here and there, now it's like out of the woodwork, everywhere," Dorene Alanis of Fresno said.

Sports Station in northeast Fresno's Fashion Fair Mall is also benefiting.

"Go ahead and sign right there."

Since the Giants entered the playoffs, sales have increased by nearly 25 percent.

"Just a huge jump in sales."

Store manager, Juan Arellano says he's having trouble keeping Giants gear in stock. Especially from players who once played with the Fresno Grizzlies, the Giants Triple A team.

"Basically, we have a little bit of t-shirts and some jerseys and that's it."

"The big item this year is the Posey jerseys, t-shirts, everybody loves Buster Posey, especially cause he played with the Grizzlies so a real local connection, so selling out a lot of that," Arellano said.

Economist Henry Nishimoto says the impact the Giants have had on the local economy isn't surprising.

"There's a strong feeling of support for the San Francisco bay area teams , whether it's the 49ers or the Giants and I think you're gonna find that people are gonna be spending at restaurants, they're going to be buying more memorabilia, t-shirts, all kinds of keep sakes."

Nishimoto says the local Giants boom, mirrors what we're seeing nationwide.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, retail sales have jumped 7.3 percent compared to this time last year.

Giants fans say as long as their team stays in it they'll keep spending money to watch them play.

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