Fresno animal shelter on the verge of foreclosure

FRESNO, Calif.

Donations can be made to:
The Not So Purrrfect Angels Animal Shelter
PO Box 7679
Fresno, 93747

(559) 255-1415

The shelter is called Not So Purrfect Angels and it's located in Fresno County in the area of Church and Temperance.

The Not So Purrfect Angel's animal shelter has been around since 1996.

Currently, nearly 250 animals live there, mostly cats. But, they may not have a home much longer.

225 cats roam the Not So Purrfect Angel's animal shelter in Fresno County and owner Janice Rozzano knows almost each one by name.

"This here's Zonku. He's one of our real talkers."

It's been Rozzano's life-long dream to run a non-profit shelter for abused and abandoned animals.

"Steve. Steve. It's okay."

She bought the four-acre-property 15 years ago with that intent. Since then thousands of cats and dogs have come through here.

But, a year and a half ago things changed when Rozanno was laid off as a workers' compensation claims adjustor. She's already run through her savings and donations have faltered.

If Rozanno doesn't raise $19,000 by February 1 the shelter faces foreclosure and these animals may have to be euthanized.

"There are days when it's hard to face them when you're thinking maybe this won't turn out the way you want it to turn out," Janice Rozzano said.

Through fundraising, Rozanno has raised $14,000.

She needs $5,000 to reach her goal and even more to keep the shelter going.

Longtime volunteer Darlene Morse says with the deadline inching closer she too is growing more concerned.

"I'm worried about the cats. If she does have to end up closing, I would hope there's a place to take the cats, but there are an awful lot of cats," Darlene Morse said.

In fact, several of the animals Rozanno takes in are from other valley shelters that don't have enough space.

She says closing her shelter will not only impact these animals but thousands of others throughout the Central Valley.

"Fresno is third in the nation for the number of euthanizations per capita and that's pretty sad-you have one less shelter being able to take these guys off the street, spay and neuter them and find them homes, that number is just going to climb."

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