World Ag Expo shows off latest ag technology

TULARE, Calif.

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International flags let you know this is truly a global event. The WAE has drawn over 1100 foreign visitors from over sixty countries. They have found weather conditions here perfect for browsing, much better than places like Finland.

Finnish grain grower Juho Vaissi said of the weather back home, "Now we have a half-meter of snow and minus 20-degrees."

Vaissi needs new equipment to make his farm more productive. "Bigger machines that you can done things quicker."

The bigger the better.

This Bejac wood recycler called "The beast" has attracted international buyers seeking a tree shredder.

Kal Sihota, a vegetable grower from Canada, said, "There's always something you pick up here you haven't seen before. I always get something out of here that helps me on the farm."

Sihota said he enjoyed meeting with farmers and ag businessmen from other countries.

Translators were on hand to assist visitors. Many tour local farms and dairies to learn how to improve production.

WAE communications director Steven Knudsen explained, "What we try to do with the farm tours is show them a small farm and a big farm and really give them whole perspective as to what California agriculture is all about."

Several international clocks reminded visitors why they feel jet-lagged but some say the World Ag Expo is the perfect time to market local produce.

Richard Swanson from US export assistance said, "The fastest growing market is Asia and if we shine a light on the valley and showcase it to Asia and I think you're gonna find an increase in sales."

Glen Roberts from US export assistance added, "We encourage them and assist them to buy our U.S. made and hopefully some California-made products and services."

Some of the volunteer translators are local students putting their lessons to practical use.

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