Storm clean-up continues across Valley

FRESNO, Calif.

Bob Webster lives at this house and he has to deal with a 60 foot tree that fell on his truck. It missed hitting his house by just inches.

This ended up being just one of many weather related problems in the Valley.

A canal along Road 24 in Madera County overflowed Monday night. Water spilled onto the street -- covering most of the roadway.

Road closure signs let people know they cannot drive through here.

Some drivers in Selma were also forced to turn in a different direction.

Road closure signs blocked off a quarter mile stretch of McCall Ave. after heavy rains flooded the neighborhood. Some ignored the signs and drove through anyway.

The west side of the Central Valley took a beating too. HWY 198 west of Coalinga was shut down because of mudslides. Caltrans says several inches of mud covered the highway. They were able to get things cleared up by Monday afternoon.

Near Huron, drivers yet again hit a roadblock as they tried to get onto Route 269. The main roadway which connects HWY 198 to the city of Huron is completely flooded.

Hail and lightning startled residents in east Fresno County Monday.

Action News viewer Bev Caldwell recorded this with her camera.

A few miles away from where Bev was -- pest control worker Bob Webster got a surprise too. "I was standing in the kitchen just not far from here and watched it come crashing in. It was pretty incredible."

Webster says the rain saturated the dirt surrounding this tree and strong winds uprooted the 60 foot pine.

Webster's Chevy Silverado is crushed but he says it could've been much worse. As you can see it missed the house. Webster plans on cutting this massive tree down to size and removing it piece by piece which he says should take a few days.

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