There's a farm app for that

FRESNO, Calif.

The four-day event attracts students from around California and the young people have been teaching their parents how to adapt today's technology to the farm.

The blue jackets will swarm Downtown Fresno this weekend. 4,000 high school FFA students have gathered for the annual conference.

They have found smart phones are good for much more than capturing moments. When young Ag students pull out their smart phones they're not just updating their Facebook pages.

Lindsay Olds from Buhach Colony High in Atwater explained, "I'm using the Yellow Pages app. You can like use it to look up any kind of business. I know my dad uses it sometimes to find local fertilizer places."

Olds taught her dad how to reach clients through his iPhone. "I've heard of people using the GPS apps for acreage and things like that, tractors. My dad uses his camera on his phone to take pictures and send his products to people. I had to teach him how to send things and kind of work him through the process because he's in his fifties."

Which of course is ancient in the minds of teenagers. Weather apps are popular in the Ag industry.

Some farmers like Paul Betancourt already use their phones to track incoming storms or commodity prices. But today you can also use an app to command a driverless tractor to work a field.

Travis Regalo of Buhach Colony High said, "A lot of people have things, almost just like when you see people starting their car with a phone they can water their fields and stuff just like that, certain things with their phones."

Regalo plans to be part of the next generation of almond growers. "I can't wait for the future to see what we can do with our technology. It's really cool to see it come along."

But not all of the FFA students have farming backgrounds. A chance to improve their speaking skills brought some to FFA.

David Giroux from Bear River High in Grass Valley said, "That'd be more of the areas I'm concerned in. Definitely the policy and the speaking and the leadership qualities they're developing."

On the first day of the convention, schools competed in the parliamentary procedure competition.

The future leaders are learning about much more than just life on the farm.

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