Overturned big rig on HWY 198 in Hanford


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Westbound HWY 198 has re-opened after a big rig truck overturned and blocked both westbound lanes of the highway. The road was closed for several hours while crews worked to get the truck off the roadway.

The crash happened at around 9:30 a.m. when the big rig was merging on to HWY 198 from northbound HWY 43.The truck slid on to its left side and side-swiped an S.U.V.

The driving of the S.U.V. was able to get around the truck and was unharmed.

CHP had to wait for the trucking company to unload the truck , carrying a load of empty pallets, before turning it upright.

"If the tow company tries to upright the big rig while it's loaded… the trailer has soft sides, which will commonly tear or rip open with the weight inside the trailer. That's why they have to unload or offload the pallets before trying to pick it up," said Robert Burnell with the C.H.P.

The driver of the big rig sustained minor injuries. He was able to walk away from the accident and refused medical treatment.

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