Helpful Equine Herpes Information

FRESNO, Calif.

A wild horse adoption event supposed to take place at the Tulare County Fairgrounds next month has been canceled over concerns about equine herpes.

Several cases of this highly infectious disease have been reported in California, including Kern and Stanislaus County

Geoff Hinds said, "Any sort of activity that harms livestock or animals we take very seriously so we certainly understand."

The Tulare County Fairgrounds says the event's cancellation will affect its bottom line as it was supposed to attract hundreds of people to Tulare. For Valley horse owners, their bottom line is protecting their animals. Stacy Peters brought her horse "Hank" to a vet clinic north of Visalia seeking relief for allergies. Peters says she's keeping Hank away from other horses as a precaution.

Peters said, "So we're being very cautious we've canceled a few rides staying close to home till they get a good quarantine on it."

The veterinarians treating Hank's allergies say they've been flooded with calls from concerned horse owners.

Dr. Margaret Perry said, "Many probably 10-20 a day and we're following those phone calls up with an email with a list of links they can click on."

Equine herpes can be fatal and even sick horses must be euthanized. Veterinarians are hoping people keep their horses at home until the threat of the virus has passed.



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