Valley student organizes Joplin relief drive

FRESNO, Calif.

As survivors try to start over, a college student in the Valley has been working non-stop to provide some relief for the people of Joplin.

The man who inspired the drive is Kayla Christensen's uncle David who lives in Joplin. He and his girlfriend survived the terrible tornado and sent picture showing the damage and aftermath.

Kayla's uncle asked for her to collect supplies, such as blankets and baby items, to go to the people of Joplin.

She started mobilizing help immediately -- eventually turning to Facebook to help spread the word. So far, the support has been incredible.

Kayla's uncle works in the shipping industry and has arranged for a truck to get whatever she collects to the people who need it most. That truck will pick up the donations on Monday. Kayla will be collecting donations through tomorrow at 6pm.

If you'd like to help the people of Joplin, you can drop off items or financial donations here:

Century 21 C. Watson
Palm near Alluvial in Northwest Fresno

Through Friday, June 3rd at 6pm

Items requested include:
Kids clothing
Batteries (all kinds)
Toiletries (shampoo, shaving cream, razors)
Baby wipes

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