6/23/2011 Ag Report

FRESNO, Calif.

The "Tree Nut Farm Press" reports this year's crop is expected to reach 400-million pounds. It says favorable weather is the main reason for such a big crop.

Growers say a mild spring and an early summer helped growth. They also say, this past winter also had more than enough chilling hours for adequate bloom and pollination this season.

Cattle ranchers need to make sure their hay is baled and stored correctly.

Beef specialists say a wet spring and delayed hay harvest make it important to store hay properly to reduce nutrient loss. Much of the hay harvested now will be used as a main feed source this coming winter.

Improper storage can cause hay to lose protein, vitamins and minerals. Experts say the best way to store hay outdoors is to tightly pack bales end-to-end so the morning sun dries one side of the bales and the afternoon sun dries the other.

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